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On December 29, 2008, in English, General, by Kok mING

It seems that this blog is running for 2 years and still keep going. Thank you for your support! :goodjob:

Last year, I work like a cow…

This year, very likely I won’t repeat the same thing. I will keep myself peaceful to end year 2008 in a very harmony way.

Let’s see what I’ve done for year 2008.

1. The most notable is that my little princess! She is 1 year old now!! Although it is tiring to looks after her but it really worth the tiredness because there is nothing give me more  happiness by sharing every moment with her~ :hahaha:

2. My 2nd baby is coming soon, expected delivery is around mid of year 2009! Exciting news huh? :ohoho2:

3. I gained some weight. Yes I did! :xd:

4. I bought a DSLR camera. It is Canon EOS 450D. Stay tuned for more ass-kicking photos!

5. I spend a month (November 2008) to acquire Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD Web Dev). It is remarkable because after 7 years of no-exam period. I still manage to kill certs like I used to! It means I am still good! Yeah. Still good… for now :he:


Okay… Now, it looks like I didn’t archive much for my job… Yes, indeed. Nothing but more workload. It really makes me feel tired for working hard, sometimes. I did a lot of stuffs but none really good enough to share or I do not recall anything that can be called achievement… :smoker:

Let’s start planning for the next year! (Finally, I’m going to end this boring entry soon!)

1. To get a financial booster, perhaps a freelance, better opportunity, part time or be my own boss. Not really badly needed extra income but it will be good to start saving for my soon to be born baby. :gimme:

2. To start looking for a new house if item #1 goes well…

3. Look for a new job if item #1 not going well… I heard Dell is expanding~~ 😀

4. To put my family on the highest priority. Previously, I’m too much concern on work and performance. It caused and cost me to spend most of my time into the job… Now, I think it is really a time for me to enjoy the family life. Job gone, I still can get other. Family time past, I couldn’t rewind.


Ok… I think that’s all for this moment :melody:

Happy New Year!


4 Responses to 2008 ending ···> 2009 starting

  1. alice.ma says:


  2. Kok mING says:


  3. wawa says:

    就像妳說的[it really worth the tiredness because there is nothing give me more happiness by sharing every moment with her~ ]哈哈~~~

  4. Kok mING says:

    2008年还不算坏,起码有工作,健康和小公主 😀


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