PC Fair @ Kuala Lumpur again!

This round, I reached there at 10:30AM but it was full with human! It was damn crowded, simply too much of people flowing into convention centre. :damn:

Let’s not waste our time, this time, according to Lowyat.net, the booth babes turn out somewhat discouraging. It did spoil some of my motivation but without seeing it myself, I won’t believe it! :hahaha:

So I went there with a buddy (let’s greet him as DSLR camera-man!). It is not difficult to spot the booth babes but to hunt for the pretty ones does take us some effort to scout the halls over and over again. :xd:

Let’s see what I had brought back for you~ :glass:

At the entrance, we see this Acer girl. Not bad! It lights up our motivation!

Two cute girls from AMD.

Lenovo booth.


We found 4 Dell babes. So colorful!

Another two from Dell too.

Well… it is written I M LOST. So would you bring her home? haha~


Toshiba! This is the top pair of babes in almost all forum discussion!

Compare to the previous Toshiba babes. These two is a bit quiet 😛

Another Lenovo girl. Looks better 😀


Nvidia booth! The babe on left looks sweet enough for me~


After the first photo, we manage to gather 2 Whitebox babe together!


Sony Vaio! Always the best choice of babes!

KOne babes.

KOne girls but not babes. We asked them for photo, they replied that the two girls besides are show girls not them. But they are kind enough to let us take this photo. Haha! Thick-faced uncle I am…


Microsoft Office! Teens! (Correct me if I am wrong…)

Kingsoft. Liked their costume, fire up all guys 😛 You will know later…

Lumix girl… Looks very familiar


Kingston booth! They were standing inside the counter but we invited them out for a photo. Haha Kingston babes again~ DSLR camera-man’s friend… he can only recognize her after taking this photo…


GCube babe looks tall enough~ Pelikan babe looks good too~ (said by my queen) haha! Two young babes but I can’t recall which booth. 🙁


HTC babe! I remember to costume. Same as last time… Another HTC babes with smile~ Kingsoft babe and can you tell why they fire up guys by now? LoL


Police! Never get caught! Cute police from Apacer booth. I surrender myself 😛


Dicota babes were hidden inside but still can’t escape from us! Kingsoft is every where~ Someone found her blog. But… I can’t recall which booth… does not looks like HTC tho…


YO!!!! CNX strikes again. 😀 Same babes! I took photo with them during previous PC fair! 🙂 All CNX babes~ Very friendly, all comes once invited. Nurses… you can see them in every corner of the PC fair… the 2nd largest colony after the Telcos gangs…


Christmas comes early~ Yes! Indeed!! Guess what? After the police, I found a commando~


Some artwork from Comixo. It is sad that this time we don’t have Cosplay. :cryrun: For your laughter. It came from previous PC fair too.


I hope you enjoy the photos. If I am lucky that you are one of the booth babes, do leave me a comment. :e:

If anything wrong with this, please forgive me. :beg:

Happy viewing!!



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6 Responses to PC Fair III – December 2008 – Booth Babes Edition

  1. wawa says:

    wowwww~~~really have so many pretty girls lol my Thick-faced uncle !!

  2. Kok mING says:

    hahahaha 😛
    must be very very thick-faced hehe

  3. Shelly says:

    Hahaha…Surrender Yourself worrr..Pulezzzz laaaa

    Anyway, i prefer the previous batch of girls..more pretty!

  4. Kok mING says:

    Hehe. IF all police in Malaysia looks like that…
    Wouldn’t you think the crimes will be reduced to minima? Since criminal can surrender themselves 😛

    Yeah! I agree on your last sentence but hey, its free so… I dare not to compare and comment too much Haha.

  5. Ivanov says:

    yes, il bring her back. haha!
    hmm.. that lenovo girl is cute n beautiful la~

    oh, den dont u have the blog address of that pretty lady?

  6. Kok mING says:


    I have it but you can search it on lowyat.net 😀

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