A little updates…

On June 5, 2008, in English, General, Life style, Site, by Kok mING

Hey folks! Its time again. Let’s go for Petrol Protest!! or start a Gasoline Rally, please!

I am sick of paying that much for petrol 😥

I find it very “coincident” that each year around April to July, it seems to be my “low tide” on luck…

Last year around this period, I was unemployed :shy:

This year… I mean this week, this blog went down for 2 days after the core/engine updates.

Follow by the petrol price jump up 40%… Sad news from the BolehLand. :cryrun:

Other than that, my ZTE ADSL modem, D Link 8 ports switch and 3Com network card are gone with the storm… :autism:

One lightning, triple kills! Fuck!! :onfire:

Earn money is very difficult and act-of-god make it even harder :yawn:

That’s all for now… Got to start praying for good luck to come soon ~~

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