The real fact of work!

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Fact #1 : Clients can be really good when you really make things happen for them!

Two days ago, I was extremely happy and feeling great because one of my biggest client run to my desk and ask me.

“Hey KokMing, how many resources you are under?”.

My response was like 3 seconds pause and I ask “Labor or tools? Why?”.

He reply “Labor. How many people you need?”.

Without a second thought, my answer shot out from my mouth “2”.

He smile at me and say “I will ask that for you.”. After that, he straight away walk into the General Manager’s room and I yelled “Thank you!”…

Perhaps this is not a very interesting conversation but I feel so good.

Have your client ever taking their own initiative to help you request for resources? This is definitely never happen on me during my previous careers.

Besides that, he is the one who brought my team to KAMPACHI @ PAVILION

Honestly, he impressed me very much. He do rewards and takes the initiative to solve my problem as I solved his problems! I like this management style and I respect him very much.


Fact #2: Boss can be really n00b. He doesn’t know who is working for him.

Let’s read my blog disclaimer before you proceed.

I have a chat with my Australian boss this afternoon. He asked me how’s my team doing. This is the 3rd time he ask me the same question for 2 days. I just don’t know how to answer. Obviously, he should know how my team doing via the reports I submitted to him. I don’t know what he trying to “hint” or which direction he wanted to lead me into…

So my answer is somewhat silly. “They are doing good but depends…”

Hey! What I can answer? He knows one of my team member is leaving the team. Soon I will have 3 people work for 7 peoples load!

Every one knows my team is currently under intense pressure. Yet, he still ask me why I let so much of pressure went through the developers (team member).

Ok… Put aside my negative comments. Let’s see what he had done to “re-assure” me.

He gave a few advices to me.


1. When a worker cannot do the work as you ask them to do. Perhaps you don’t keep asking them to do that but assign another job to him/her.

Brilliant suggestion. I agreed. Simply because assigning an important task to the wrong person is going to fail yourself miserably.

I did reassign another job to the “incompetent” worker but he/she still failed me. Should I ask for a new project so I can train/coach him/her up?

Question… Since I am running low on resources. If I can apply the above approach then what about the existing tasks which he never enlighten me how to settle it with nobody…  Seriously. I liked this kind of idea which looks inspiring but empty!


2. If you are a good leader, you should know how to manage pressure. But why your members are under pressure and leaving?

Ok. I remain silent for this. I admit I am not a good leader but the one who speak this sentence is nothing better than me too. To be honest, IF you do not pass any pressure to me. How on earth I can generate or create any pressure out of no where? When you point a finger to someone, there is always more fingers pointing back to yourself.


3. When your team is at full capacity / fully occupied. All you do is to tell the client that they have to wait or go away.

Yeah! That’s the way. Perhaps in Australia, this is the real way to do the business but in Malaysia, thing goes the other way round. If you do that, I can “guarantee” you that your business is not going to look good.

Back to the actual scenario, if I have ever reject or decline any request from my biggest client. Do you think I will still own a seat within the company? Perhaps I failed in term of project/team management but I do not feel ashamed because I did my best. It is better than the others who is unwilling to take up the challenge and run away, right?


4. I don’t expect your team to be 3 members only. We are targeting to expand this division to house 100 people. By that time, you will have professional like Business Analyst, Project Manager and etc to face the client for you. Blah blah blah… ….

An impressive business expansion and planning. But he never mention when I will get extra headcount to do the existing tasks. Furthermore, he promise nothing.


The discussion with him last 30 minutes. Basically, he just keep asking me “Any question?” since the 5th minutes. The rest of 25 minutes spent to answer my questions without a clear direction… This “re-assure” me on how much I can rely on him … I do not mean I am unhappy but again, I need a reliable boss to back me up while I am facing the troubles and problems only!


If I am suppose to care about my team, then he is suppose to care about me… To be honest, I feel NO care at all. Case closed. Full stop. Good night!


Nerovivo – Italian Food

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确定!我知道你们这些家伙很想念我的食物Blog! 我也一样啊!

上周五,我的澳大利亚老板来到马来西亚。一如以往,我们是”充分利用”公司基金,来了一个团队餐,去了Nerovivo餐厅!这是昂贵的意大利食店… 对我来说,我不会尝试,如果我要付出我自己的条例草案。熙熙熙。

看看餐单, 是不是很”合理”? :xd:

Ok! I know you guys missing my food blog very much!

I miss you as much as you miss my food blog!

Last Friday, my Australian boss came to Malaysia. As usual, we are “fully utilizing” the company fund to have a team lunch at this Nerovivo restaurant! It serves expensive Italian food… For me, I would not try it if I have to pay my own bill. Hee Hee Hee.

See this menu… Isn’t it quite “reasonable”? :xd:



Something to fill up the stomach before the main course arrive… That is the most expensive mineral water that I ever tasted…



这是我点的挪威式鲑鱼!它是不错,但还不是真的那么好吃。就像大多数西方食点,这块鲑鱼被煮过头了, 肉质变硬了,但是酱油好吃。整体还不算太差 :happysigh:

This is what I ordered! Norwegian Salmon! Well, it is tasty but not really as good as to make me order for another time. As most western food, the salmon was overcooked, but the sauce was nice. Overall is not too bad :happysigh:



这是鳕鱼?hm… 应该是吧。。。我不知道就是了。。。这是同事点的,我尝了一小块 :shy:  比我的挪威式鲑鱼更好吃啊。。。

This is the codd fish? Hm… I forgot the spelling… My English is too sucks… I tasted a piece from my colleague’s plate :shy: It taste better than my salmon…



最后,我们6名男性共享3道甜品… :hahaha: 虽然要与另外5个男人一起吃,但是它还是很甜的!

Finally we are 6 men sharing 3 plates of desserts… :hahaha: Although sharing these with another 5 guys but it still taste SWEET! :ohoho2:


一如往常, 女同事们点了太多的食物,到最后男生就有口福了(吃剩下的食物,还叫有口福?)。。。 总之全部人都满“肚”而归  :full:

As usual, the female colleagues over ordered and did not manage some plates… Men got extra food at last. All stuffed back to office! :full:

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