Long time ago, I would like to blog about this… unfortunately I am a total lazy bastard 😛 haha! Looking into the past photo… I realised the changes… from inside out!



28 years ago. A fine day! I come to this beautiful world. Hehe. My eyes is big since I am born! 

 40KG Wah!! This little fatty has great smilling 😛

Time goes fast… Blink of eye, this fatty is growing up!


Haha! 18 years old, photo during SPM, I look at it also cannot believe he is me…

  Photo taken during Post-SPM gathering!

WOW!!! This is classic!!


I still remember at that time, hope to have a lover but sadly… none willing to response 🙁

haha… really speechless now 😛


21 years old! BDAY!! Becoming an adult! Yay!! haha getting fatter… Eat too much 😛

The heaviest weight is 85 KG but no photo taken… aih… can’t show you …


22 years old! Getting slimmer!! Want to be SLIMMMMMMMMM! not STEAM, ok? 😛

No girls like fatty boy friend… so I spend half year to loss weight from 85KG to 58KG.

I did this NOT because of girl… I just want to be more attractive hahah At the end.. still girls! 

Wanted to loss weight but just has no motivation until this age… realise that nothing can be changed if we do not make the first move by ourself!!  

College Diploma graduation. Although body is slimmer but the face still leaving me some baby fat 😀

Taken with webcam during my first job… inside office!

looks like a gay? Hell No! I am not!!


Wuahahahah! You believe miracle?

I don’t mean to be proud but you can see my changes… it happens! It just happens! Man! can you feel it?

  This is snapped last year with web cam too… looks like a successful business man? haha!


I wrote this blog, it not to be advertise my success story. I would like to let my readers know that every one can be handsome and pretty. I did not spend even a single cent to achieve my weight loss target…

To become handsome or beauty. It is depends on yourself. If you believe you can do it then you can! If you think you can, you can! Let me remind you, besides thinking, you will need ACTION to compliment it!! ok?!

Never ever lost yourself. Must set your aim and maintain it. You can loss weight and gain weight in very short time. To maintain the weight is definitely a hardest thing to do…

Now, I own the attraction that I wanted… but this is not something to be proud with… Everyone is just too emphasize on the outlook appearance. They never realise that the outlook appearance is existed to compliment the inner beauty of each person….

I had been one of them before. I got laugh and tease by others due to my fatty looking and lost confidence… but that is not the reason for you to give up yourself! ok?!

I would like to share with you. The most valuable gain during the weight loss process and period is… 100% of confidence!! 

I gain my confidence not because I am good looking now. It is because I notice that previously I have no confidence because I am too emphasize on outlook appearance… I fooled by myself…

I spent my time to look into my inner-self. I reached my destiny! and what’s about you?


2 Responses to I am no longer belongs to the past, but I don’t belongs to the future either… Who am I?

  1. Shelly says:

    Wow…Congratulations for the big successful change. Yeah, If you think you can, you can! But then….nice tasty food is abundance! So why waste young life choosing what to eat..this one too much cholesterol..that one high in etc etc…hehehe…enjoy life to the fullest…errr..thats why i am still gaining weight like nobody..hehehe


  2. Kok mING says:

    Its nice to control it earlier rather than later… haha!

    Most people just don’t know when to control and stop 😛

    Hopefully you set your mark, right. Hehe.

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