Hey folks! Nice to have you/me back here! I am busy for these few days… busy to kick-off something.

First… I would like to tell you that about the New Microsoft Expression Web (a tool which replace M$ FrontPage) . It is not bad! Totally not bad but compare to Dreamweaver… it is still a very competative edge between them. I will leave it for you to study that 🙂

Hell lot of things that I am working on… editting photo, making flash, develop website, checking paypal and bank card… a lot… Haha. But I have got no pay for it… No worry… nothing pays you at the starting point! If you found something that pays on the first day of doing it, please, please, please, tell me A.S.A.P. ? Nasi lemak on me, ok?!

Recently I receive quite a lot of compliments on my photo shooting skills too! Yeah! When you are jobless, you will be good in everything besides JOB HUNTING! So… in order to improve your photo shooting skill, you must be jobless first! That’s THE_ONE pre-requisite! I’m not kidding!! Because all PROs is not having a permanent job! 😛

Ehhhh now… I don’t know whether or not to tell you something about the website that I am doing… It will possibly spoil my handsome image! haha. Yes! H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E. heh heh.  “That” website will be promoting some kind of medicines or herbs or tools to help you to improve your sexual intercourse experiences. Oh! Oh! Did I spoil my “Mr. Handsome Good Man” reputation?! If yes… please don’t be prejudice against me. I am not a Holy Man but a normal mankind which requires food to survive too… Let me show you something about the things that I done. If you are interested to be an agent or a buyer of these products. Feel free to contact me. As usual, Kok mING will give you the very best + friendly price!!


Looks like those spam ads? Any comment for improvements? I am a Flash newbie… please provide your criticism with suggestion. 😀

I will try to install Adsense and NuffNang into my blog… ehhh Just to make my blog looks more MATERIALISTIC COMMERCIAL… hahahah don’t be mad if you find crazy ads popping up here and there. Ok?

One last thing 🙂 I updated my blog engine to newer version… if any problem arise during your visit… please write a mail or leave a comment. Thank you.


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  1. rachel says:

    你好啦。。。我还是学生,目前。。。只是马上毕业,对未来的工作方向是 正在思考中的啦。。可能会做老师,,我希望能做好。。。

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