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On May 12, 2007, in General, General | History, My work, by Kok mING

Trust is hard to gain, easy to lose and nearly impossible to win back. How much you agree with this?

Always, past performance is no garantee of future behavior. How true is this?

You may agree or disagree or stay neutral for the above sentences. I read a lot recently… a lot means really a lot. The reason I start reading this much because I need to have more points of view. Likewise, I need to gather more thinking “logic” too. Anyway, let’s move back to the topic. True Testimonials.

After more than half decade of working life. I met a lot of people. Getting know them from strangers to party buddies. No age range, no race difference, no language difficulties. Although I am kinda lack of social skills but I still have a open characteristic to accept new comers or being nice to someone who approaches me.

Most notable, I met people who recognized my capabilities and professionalism. I am glad that I met them. They gave me valuable lessons during my career. Staying protected by their shadows enable me to gain more experiences without much interferences. I am thankful that I am able to maintain a very nice relationship with them even though I left them to pursue my very own career advancement.  

How many people manage to maintain the relationship after job resignation? I always emphasize on professionalism. Even you leave a company, you must leave without any conflict or problem. I am glad that I never spoil any relationship with the people who I worked before… well… not all but almost all. Haha!

Professionalism or good-will is always intangile and nothing to measure. It seldom pay back but if you ever has the chance for the “pay back”. I believe it will be something very excited and enjoyable.

I got the “pay back” recently with Testimonials! Thank you very much on the very kind and presentable testimonials!




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