Things that could not be taught

On February 8, 2007, in My work, My Work | Support Team, by Kok mING

I know 2 dotA players (female). They whine for work, hate their bosses, cry for more salary but to be frank to you, they deserves a credit for the sense of responsibilities inside them.

I interviewed one of them. The reason is simple… I need people very much because 50% work force of my department resigned and will leave before Chinese New Year…

Back to the title. Things that could not be taught.

Sense of responsibilities. Definitely this one. I had been coaching 2 people up and they left me without giving me enough time to get a suitable replacement for them? Yes… You can say I am bad boss, greedy superior or what-so-ever suits me! Anyway, I don’t think my coaching style has any problem. I never raise my voice to shout at them like what the Purchasing will do… Instead of shouting, I choose to listen. Most of all cases, I will just protect them before I listen because I trusted them very much. hm… sorry! Should not “hard-sell” my good …

I always says this sentence “If you wanna go to other company for more experience or better pay, please do tell me when you have the idea to abadone the team… I need some times to get a replacement for your seat and let you hand-over every things to him/her. I will not force you to resign even though I got the replacement…” . Well? Am I sound too generous by talking this to my sub-ordinate? At the end, they just ignore the good request of mine and run-away with their “early-release” request… 🙁 sad case. They learn my skills but not the professionalism . that’s very sad for me and for them too…

Back to the 2 dotA players. I know they have the sense of responsibilities because I offer higher pay to one of them and ask her to join ASAP but she denied it by saying she still has an on-going project on hand. She could not leave like this! YES! You see it? That’s the professional attitude! She maybe too young or too green but this characteristic will make her a brighter career sooner or later!

Imagine, if people willing to pay higher then you can abadone whatever on hand. You are only a money-minded people, I am not saying money-minded is not good. But it is definitely a negative impact towards your career path. Becuase the new employer may notice it and would not trust your loyalty anymore.

As I said, every people has different mind-set. I could not stop them to grab what they want. They make the decision and INFORM me after all. I shall be happy becuase they still respect me as a immediate superior by letting me to be the “first-one” who knows it … I should respect their decision and wish them all the best too!

Of course, I wish them can stay longer with me becuase I have more things to share with them. Well, I can’t be everything 🙂 Its times for them to explore the world beyond their knowledge! I wish they can have better and brighter future! (including the 2 dotA players 😉 )

All the best!!


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