Railway Station Robbery…

On November 16, 2006, in General, General | Awareness, by Kok mING

Be very very aware of the people standing around you… You never know who they are and what they are intended to do…

Today, I was late for work. Extremely late already, waiting the train endlessly… The station is not so crowded but every one looks very frustrated and bored.

After 35 minutes of waiting, the Train to Port Klang has finally approaching to the station. Suddenly, I heard a loud shouting… very loud shouting becuase I can hear it with my mp3 ear phone @ max volume. Then I turn my head and see a Indonesian lady pointing to a guy who is running fast. When I know that is a robbery here… I try to react but too bad and too sorry, the robber just run and passed in front of me before I can react 🙁 Not every one can be a hero or life-saver… at least for me cannot. It happen less than 2 minutes. Nobody care about it… everyone is boarding the train like nothing happen… Not even the KTM station officer come to ask why the lady shouted out loud …

Aih… see… nowadays… You can be robbed in KTM station too… ohhh.. you might be interested which station is that… This case happen @ KTM Putra Station. Clearly to see that none care about what happen except me willing to blog this… I am not saying the human selfish personality or the “sikap sayang diri” (self-caring attitude). The robber is a chinese … maybe he is not chinese but yellow skin… you know… Malaysia just has too many foreigners or races… He wear a black shirt with green colour pattern… I am unable to draw a sketch for you but you just becareful, ok?

As a citizen in this country. You shall always do your best to protect your own property and yourself. Maintain high awareness on your surroundings. Always stand in the place that you can get help easily. Do not make yourself looks too tempting (well… this is depends on people … some people just like to show off their jewelly)

Never rely on police or any other “officer” simply because they may comes to you after the crimes happened. The worst case like above… none come until you go to launch a police report for nothing.

I must stress that I am not saying police is useless but somehow they should be more hardworking to prevent crimes to be happened. Instead of saying the victim shall not be sexy, luxuries or tempting to be robbed… That’s totally not something can help the victim…

I am not in a good mood today… late for work… my wallet broken 🙁 yes… got a small  hole…. someone sponsor me another! … and I am feeling faint after a walk under the cruel hot sun during my way to office… TM Net still has not fix my line and no technician call me. and shit! My office wall partition cracked because of upstairs renovation…

Well well well… Everything still under control. Let’s hope nothing new happen for the next 2 hours before I safely reach home. 🙂


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  1. Ryan says:

    I absolutely agree with the part must be always aware of your surrounding, to protect yourself and your property while you are in Malaysia. Just glad to find out that the robbery didnt happen at the ktm station near my house! haha~

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