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On September 14, 2007, in English, My work, by Kok mING

Hi folks! Its been a long time since my last work-related blog with you. How ya doing there?  

I started my new career for a month already! Time goes fast, I admit that I have not spend as much time as before into this blog… I am doing my best to gather the free time to blog a little too. :he:

Let’s talk about my work place. I were amazed by the desktop computer! It comes with dual LCD monitor! Yes!! Two 17″ LCD Monitor. It is not many companies out there can offer such luxuries, right? Other than that, the computer equips with 2GB RAM, a nice display card. More than enough to do some fancy actions.

Hold on! I still have a IP Phone from Cisco! Wow! This is really a nice phone. Fully network-compatible. I can access to it from my home computer (providing I log into the office VPN and start the phone client). This phone is nice because it can display the daily horoscopes and weather forecast. :hahaha:



Sorry dudes, I can’t tell you much about my job because I signed a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) on everything related to the job… All I can say is, I am currently engaging with world-class computer equipments vendor. Yes! Finally, I stepped into the World-Class environment. This is the chance to prove myself! This is the place to perform my best to see whether or not I am at the world-class standard! Although, the tasks assigned to me contains very much of challenges but I am not an easy-to-give-up people before doing my best on it!

The most fruitful gain comes after great hard-work! I am planting the seed right now! Let’s do the best for the day of harvest!

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