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On September 2, 2007, in English, My Work | Technolgoy, by Kok mING

The future of computing is at your fingertips!

What is Microsoft Surface? It is a coffee-table looks like computer! 

So what? What is so great about this coffee-table?

I would say this is another cutting-edge and state-of-the-art product from Microsoft. The table design is simple but very presentable. It equips with a glass top, where you can see it looks like normal glass. It is a big touch screen! It can detect your mobile phone when you place it on top (perhaps this is a blue-tooth connection, where you needs to synchronize it for first time…) .

I found it real cool because of the creativity! Right now, it can pull out your multimedia files and edit it via the “Surface“. You can draw anything on it. You can play your favorite movies with it too! In future, perhaps you can place your coffee order via the table: :xd:

Maybe you can do this and that with it… Imagination leads to infinite creativity!

Find out more and enjoy the movie below.


As usual, we have to be caution about everything that Microsoft produced…

If I would place my mobile phone on top of it, what should I care most?  Yeah! That’s my personal contacts and some “real” movie archives! :shy2:

I did not see any security features embedded into the product overview or explicitly stated else-where. Perhaps it will be a lot of bashing sessions on this topic but who cares? After all, it is still an innovative product :goodjob:


Happy Surfacing!


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