Let’s not start this post with the story of “who don’t have a god damn fucking financial crisis a.k.a. GDFFC” . That is totally P.O.S. (piece of shit) to say because we are known as the species of people in the category of “always money not enough”.

I believe that I am quite well-known among my friends (real-life or Internet) for being a hardcore consumers! I am very serious when it comes to money spending. For every cent I paid, I must get the equivalent service or product. I never worry about how troublesome to get what I deserved!

Yes. Today’s topic is very interesting and you are definitely going to be the one of the beneficiary!

Let’s introduce the main actor, Kok mING and TM Net Streamyx a.k.a. Strea-My-X (stream my ass) or SlowyAss (who the hell invented this?). Yeah, today I invited another strong cast for your enjoyment. Let’s welcome David for his contributions later in this post!

Please allow me to clarify why I must claim my rebates from TM Net StreamyX. Can you believe that for 1.5 years subscription, I got 274 days downtime as TM Net StreamyX recorded it officially in their system? A flashback if you want to read!

First option to claim your rebates is via telephone calls. You must have all your report numbers with you! If you do not remember it, please spend 30 minutes with them by dailing 100 from your TM Fixed Line Phone. You can get all the report numbers  belongs to your account from the Technical Department. Remember, it is Technical Department, don’t go to the Billing Department because they won’t tell you although they can see it on-screen. Instead of telling you the report numbers, they ask you to call the Technical Department. So, to save your time, ensure you get the right thing from the right place!

I got mine as the table below.

Report Number Aging Period (Days)
5772402 2
5025262 40
4920767 3
3278439 29
3112244 12
1513937 84
1281556 24
1128813 15
1099629 4
1063439 8
662094 9
607825 31
552463 7
498248 6

After a lengthy session with the sexiest call center in Malaysia, I finally connected to the Billing Department. I explain my lengthy piece of old story again because they always love to listen to my voice… What to do?! That’s the charm of Kok mING. LoL. Ok… actually they are just being a douchebag! They are buying themselves some times for listening your story again. So they can generate more profits to the TM Telephony service. At the mean while, they can think a reason to kick you away too! What a nice “One stone kills Two birds” tactic!

Anyway, I am the master of the Art-Of-War tactics. My philosophy is “No win No leave”, so as my urge to claim the rebate to secure a “win”, I manage to get them to open a report stated that I want to get the rebates for all the cases above! So, I got THE_ONE rebate report with the number 5971665, and I have to call back to them after 2-3 weeks because they have to “investigate”. Well, I don’t mind to call as long as I got the report now! Most often, they won’t open any report for you but to suggest you to write an email to the custcare@tm.net.my regarding your rebate issue. Never fall into this trick! They never check this custcare@tm.net.my mailbox! Save your bandwidth for more hate-mails, ok?

That’s the first option. Slow and NOT_SO_EFFECTIVE_&_EFFICIENT method… Never do this until you can’t afford to apply the following (2nd) option!

Second option is go to the TM Point! The place where you pay your bills! Go there, grab a free number ticket from the “canggih” machine, sit down, wait for your turn(perhaps 1-2 hours doing nothing). During your waiting period, pray for no system_down message on top of their desk!

Once you manage to sit in front of one representative of TM Point. You tell them about your case(s) and express you need a rebates else you will burn down the whole TM Point with your little fire_stick! If they are cooperative enough, they will open a report for you instantly. You can go home after they give you a slip that indicates they lodged a report. Not to surprise, at the same day, they will send an email notification for your report too.

Within 2 weeks, David manage to get the rebate confirmation! How fast!! I recommend this way if you have the time to travel to your nearest TM Point. Refer to the screen-shots below! Credits to David



The third option, this could be your last resort. If you unable to get any response. You can write in / complaint to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) . Sometimes ago, I heard someone reported his cases with TM Net to this government commission. He got the rebates at the next day! I tried to follow the procedures on MCMC web site but I did not manage to get any response from MCMC or TM Net SteamyX, perhaps my bad English or I am a chinese who supposed to be so rich and never need a rebate! 


Here is the end of story! I will updates your about my case later!

Happy Rebates Claiming!!


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