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On July 5, 2007, in My work, My Work | Technolgoy, by Kok mING

Today, I am looking into my Google Analytics Report. I found out that is too many of PORN searches reach into my page, something like teen XXX, malay gay, black kok… you know what KOK is that… anyway, I am scratching my head on how to “tell” Google about the wrong results.

Finally! I found the answer in Google! Oh yeah! That’s the mighty Google, it always know what I wanted and prepared for me! Thanks!

I found this page name Google Webmaster Tools.


You can supply your GMAIL account as the user account for this tool. After you login, it will ask you to be verified as the owner of your site before you can utilize the tool 🙂 . It is very simple verification procedure, either add a meta tag or a html files with specific file name. After you added your site, you are start to manage it!


It is a very comprehensive tools for your to submit your removal request into Google search index. Well, this will actually helps you to eliminate/”purify” those porn-horny visitors 🙂


Some other interesting features will be the crawl rate and statistic. You can actually view how many data(quantitative) that Google crawled from your site. and the crawl rate can be set too! Well, I guess nobody want below Normal crawl rate if you value your ranking in Google search index 😀


If you are serious about SEO or you want to know the search engine actually works in crawling your site. You can check this tool. It provides very comprehensive help and Google is never recommend you to link to any SEO. I know you run your blog, forum, CMS and etc. So, this is the right tool for you to communicate with Google. Although, it is not powerful enough to grant you the #1 / First rank in every search but it definitely helps you to improve your site traffic if you use it right :-D!


Happy Google Webmasters!



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