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On November 21, 2006, in My work, by Kok mING

I know… I know… I did not post anything for yesterday… Stop pushing me, or I put all your naked photo here!! 😛

I was extremely busy yesterday. Coordinating the PABX setup, chit-chat with the CCTV supplier, attend some support calls, train office zombies to use the digital phone like how to make call… how to remember their damn pin-code and most important on how to answer the calls…

I am definitely not short-handed… my hand is long enough … how long? longer than yours but shorter than Orang Hutan! I am just hand-not-enough… perhaps I need to pray “Thousand-Hands Guan Ying” for it… anyway! totally outta topic now 😛 read next!

I actually thinking on what to blog yesterday… Perhasps blog about my car being “kissed” from back to front… or blog about how handsome I am… or blog about my Hong Kong Trip @ 2 months ago… People keep asking me to send them those photo when they see those doremon photo in my msn… anyway! I will do it soon. I have a lot of life-times but too many tasks… at a time, I can only do 1 thing… 😛 ok… back to something that I wanted to write or share with you…

Today, my colleagues, Samantha answered a call from the Purchasing Manager CUM P.A. to CEO CUM Account Manager, Ms. T. Yeah! That’s cool… 1  people 3 roles… ~~~ You are my super woman ~~ insert your melody here~~. and… Bite me! I am the I.T. SuperMan… the Ultimate I.T. 1-Leg-Kick because the telephone and CCTV are going to be my “terrorities” soon! … Off topic again… You see… I have so many things to tell you. But I have too little time for it!!!

Ms. T asking MIS to provide her a software to do signature comparison within the computer… well. That’s brilliant! Most bank running Digitalized Signature. We should practise it too! Unfortunately, we do not have it… even though I go to bank very often, I see Matrix some years ago, I have myKad and chipped passport! But I don’t have the damn thing to do Digitalize Signature comparison. As I am so honest… I told Samanthe to return a call to her saying that we are unable provide them this kind of software because we do not have it…

Now… You guess what Ms. T answer… GUESS or just keep reading you lazy folks!

Ms. T replied immediately, “Aren’t your MIS should develop this kind of software when we need it?”

Holy shit! That’s the “Customer Always Right (CAR)” request again! Come faster, my dear!!! Throw me 2 millions now!!! I promise that I will form the BEST R&D team in this world and build the Extremely Powerful yet User Friendly digitalize signature comparison system just for your fuck sake!

If you think I should develop it then please give me the salary package that I deserve now, yes I mean NOW! I take every responsibilities dropped on my head and do my very best to meet those job role’s requirement already! I must say :” Aren’t the Human Resource should pay me at least up to the standard as I took the Directorship for the newly setup company?”.

Everytime you have new idea or your sentence, you should always think twice before saying it out… Simply because WE, computer people is fucking straight! FUCKING straight, understand? We can’t read your mind. We only know 0 and 1.

Ms. T used to say she is not a computer literate… but somehow, she does not think like a computer illiterate people. This world full with these people… that’s why we have companies going down one by one. Sometimes, we should always listen to the professional advise. If you do not listen then at least you hire more people to fulfill your unlimited desires!

A chinese proverb is so damn right for Chinese-businessman style thinking… You want a horse run fast but you don’t let the horse eat grass!

We have 4 people in a department. Only 1 full time writting program. Other 3 doing 1-leg-kick job or something not related to IT BUT requires computer knowledge… So what? Bill-Gates wrote Windows by himself! Right?

I simply don’t have that much of time to do something that she said without thinking! What for a Construction Company need digitilize signature comparison application to support its businesses. Likewise, they are not really dumb or blind to compare the signatures on paper with their own shinny eyes!

Oh god! I seldom pray … or I seldom be soooooo generous to pray for others. But this time, please allow me to be one…

GOD, if you are reading this, please make the whole Purchasing Department to have more Intelligent. Your very holy kind blessing is greatly appreciated. 


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