To blog or not to blog

On November 6, 2006, in General, by Kok mING

To blog or not to blog… to be or not to be… to read or not to read… to die or not to die…

Peoples started to be amazed… by me…

They sound really suprise that I have a blog now… haha. Do not know they are suprise that I manage to setup or write or attract them to read? Haha. I am happy that they actually looks into what I write … or at least the photo I put into here…

They are sooooo eager to know how I manage to get this things up… ask me this and that … ask me whether or not to setup one for him/her … har har har. Sorry, friends. I do not know how to setup another copy of this thing 🙁

Anyway. Nothing to be suprise… if you don’t know… Except how to write blog… I know how to write lyrics too. kakakakaka… so? puzzled or hard to believe again?

I cannot sing well only… but I still manage to write.

My grammar sucks but I still able to write…

Even though, I have millions of dollars turnover in seconds … but with you are reading this… I will keep writting! 😀

Ohhhhh almost forget. The initial objective to have this entry is to let you know today my colleagues praise my new hair style  is very nice and I look very handsome… haha indirectly… means I am not handsome before this +_+” haha

Anyway, listen what you want to hear, ignore what you do not want to listen. That’s the philosophy of life… for the sake of health and mental! 😀

It is a rainy day… nice for sleep…

Good night.

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