11th day! Its back!! I am back!!!

On November 18, 2006, in Life style, Life style | Internet, by Kok mING

Woo hoo! Finally the streamyx connection is back! After 374328721387543897432 calls to the technician in-charge. He finally decided to settle my problem first ahaha.

The root-cause is the port burned due to lightning, high oossibilities. It is either lightning, too hot or cheap hardware…

The technician just replace/reset the fault card, reset my port and viola! Its solve! Damn it! This simple procedure still can take up to 11 days to do it!!!

Whatever, so you know how to chase them to attend to your problem. It is obviously not the problem is very hard to solve. It is just no man in-charge of it …

Ok 🙂 I am off now!

You will probably see me 2 days later only. I am going to attend 2 wedding dinners! 🙁 Wallet blood coming out endlessly for these 2 months :'( 

We will continue @ Monday!


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