Honestly, I have the urge to blog this.

Some ridiculous question and answer tele-conversations that I had gone through with some Citibank customer service.

I called them 2 times, and they called me 3 times where each call asked the same verification questions as below.

1. Can I have your IC Number?
My answer: Sure. ******-**-****

2. May I know your last billing statement amount from Citibank?
My answer: Elo!!!! I am not going to carry the fully paid billing statement in my pocket for the sake of your call! Imagine if you are me, would you carry the paper to go shopping? [Ridiculous! but it is still going on which another silly question…]

3. May I know your last transaction amount?
My answer: Hey! Stop being stupid! I can’t even remember on when is the last transaction which I buy stuff with the credit card from your fuck up bank! Stop asking this kind of question! Ok?! :onfire:

4. Sir, last question, may I know your date of birth?
My answer: KANASAI !! Don’t be so dumb! You are being offensive in a very silly way!!! My birth date can be read from my IC Number. Can you check it? Stop insulting my intelligence or try to bring me down to your level of stupidity! :onfire: :onfire:


To be very frank, I have very unpleasant experiences with these tele-conversations. No doubt, the customer service asked what they supposed to ask. But hey! You are insulting people’s intelligence by asking silly questions and insist them to answer in full! That is annoying and irritating! :autism:

I don’t find it good or secure by asking the above “verification” question! It is just too silly but this is how Citibank Malaysia conduct verification! Really a bodoh-lah process! :xd:

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