I.S.A. Strikes again!

On September 12, 2008, in English, General, General | Awareness, by Kok mING

Raja Petra is arrested under Internal Security Act.

Right after the official news broadcast from Malaysia Today. It becomes hot-topic!

It is shock-less to me. It always has been the most “intelligent” trick that Malaysia Government can come out.

A lot of people are filled with anger, disappointment and sadness. They want to strike, protest or rally. But please! Be calm and drink a coffee… Start to think about it.

If PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia) has enough proof to sue Raja Petra, they have already apply the law suits instead of the lousy I.S.A.

Don’t start any protest or strike but question the officials on why Raja Petra and other journalists are caught but the Ahmad Ismail is still enjoying his life till the max?

It is obvious that this is only a trick / trap to loosen or weaken the strength of the free-voices. We should not be afraid and we have to remain calm.

Let’s see whether they will employ some temporary actors a.k.a. jokers to pretend to be Raja Petra’s supporters to create riot… So they can blame everything to Raja Petra.

The end of their day is approaching near! Let’s see how much of the “remaining” entertainment that they can bring to us!

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