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After watching this entertaining video. Suddenly, I think I found something. Something that seems to be hidden but shinny like a diamond…

The Malaysia Information Minister speaks like that… behave worst than any other… furthermore it is clearly shown that his EQ is only 5 years old or he is a monkey!

You know why we always have outdated and false information/news/headlines ? With this kind of mofo controlling the Information Department… Can you imagine that he can do a good work?

Democracy? Yes! The party who selected this person to be a minister is really some democrats with their own style… How can he hold such an important seat while he can’t comprehend himself with an International language?

Fair election?! My a$$! Even this mofo can become a minister, how to spell F.A.I.R.?

Please go back to school and keep doing your own eRection, please!


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