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On November 21, 2007, in English, Life style, Life style | Travel, My work, by Kok mING

Last week, the company had organized a trip to Port Dickson for the sake of team building. Yes! Team building.

When we talk about Port Dickson, it must be related to beach and seaside camp fire BBQ! Unfortunately, the resort did not have a beach… furthermore, we don’t have a BBQ session too… quite disappointed. But what to complaint? It don’t cost a cent! Haha!



This is the food that the resort provided. Definitely not tasty but no choice…


The camera crew… I would love to have cheer-leader team rather than this… Haha!

See me? Go kart only! Take it easy! (It is actually harder to control than you can imagine…)  



The next morning, we went to the Blue Lagoon beach. The beach is just ugly. Rubbish everywhere…



The first photo, I would love to take the flare but I failed… It is actually very tiring to do so and I scare that will spoil my camera len so I did not try until success. The second photo failed too… I wanted to take down the photo with the feeling of “good weather” and “nice coconut tree”… ehhh you know what I want to say. Haha!



Yeah! Seafood lunch before we happily end the trip. The coconut is not picked from the tree, ok? hehe. Did you see C.R.A.B ? Oh well, it did not taste as good as it looks…



That’s it for the trip. I taken a lot of photo but mostly with some human faces inside. It is not nice to publish here so I skip it.

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