Bersih Rally or Bersih Really?

On November 13, 2007, in English, General, General | Awareness, by Kok mING

I am proud to be a Malaysian. I would invite God and Satan to take Malaysia citizenship if they exists in somewhere near me.

Thanks to the local news media and the government hardcore censorship, majority of Malaysians do not know about the Bersih Rally. Yes! I am one of it … even though someone invite me via email… ehhh I thought it was a spam so I did not pay much attention.

So what is Bersih Rally? It is an Corruption Free and Fair Election protest. Well, as least this is what I heard. Correct me if I am wrong. Check out the video before you enjoy my writing.




Ok. Don’t waste time. Let’s be straight forward. I do not understand why you need to protest something that you can’t undone it. You start to protest after 50 years of country independent or so called “democracy”(in a monopoly way) ? Or you start to support a Fair Election after being a homosexual better man? Come on! We all know that nothing is clean. Clean do not exist in Malaysia.

By submitting a memorandum, you believe things will change? I admit that at least you did you best! Well done Malaysian! Question again… Do you think by submitting it to AGUNG (the king) will really help? Ask yourself, you know the answer a lot more better than me. In my mind, AGUNG is the person who gives you 1 day holiday when he go to heaven! Yeah! All people love old AGUNG for that… (I know you always shouting “I Love you but please ***”). I dare not to write the *** for you because anything can happen on Malaysian especially blogger.  

Government keep saying this won’t be a peaceful rally. Yes, I totally agreed with the government. By looking at the chemical shooting gun and the club-crushing police. It is so truth that is not a peaceful rally! Don’t you agree? Now the government is laughing because they warned you already… but you still go out to “abused” yourself… After all, your effort is really remarkable though… I am serious. I respect all participants! Salute!

Bersih is a Malay word which mean Clean.

Bersih Rally can make the election Bersih Really? I seriously doubt it. Inspecting those phantom voters, “mis-calculations” and etc known issues. I seriously doubt we are on the right track of Bersih Rally. You guys impressed me with your first step but what next?

I don’t wish to comment more on the Bersih Rally because thousands of blogger did that already. I want to give my highest respect for all the participants of Bersih Rally. You know it is not easy but you still went there! You are the future on Malaysia! (I will send you to space! but wait~~… this is kidding only lah)

I don’t want a fair election! I want a true democratic election! Please vote to whom that can guarantee you a better future.

I will cast my vote to the party or person who can do these:

1. Make Malay really same as other races! I want it FAIR now! For the sake of BALANCE!

2. Kick Samivellu out or sub all the government projects into my bank account!

3. Enforce all employers (public, private, non-profit organization and etc) to adjust the salary package when petrol, rice, flour, raw material, living necessities and etc raise price!

4. Stop all stupid actions like space-traveler, water leaking buildings, multi-billions dollars project canceled with nothing done but money paid and etc. 

5. Respect the citizen as part of the country!


A lot more to say but I leave it to




Happy Bersih Rallying!

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