I had done quite a lot of research on how to receive your PayPal fund as a Malaysia (boleh?!) citizen! If you do a wild + fierce google search on How to Withdraw PayPal Fund as Malaysian . In this way, the ultimate destination is to BUY an EBOOK … dude! why should I buy any EBOOK before you show me the real money? As a smart consumer business owner, it simply does not make sense of paying real money to get the withdrawal “method” , right?!

According to Hongkiat’s blog , he manage to use _A_ method to withdraw! A method without charging you anything. BUT you do needs to pay for using the tools stated within the method! Okay! This sound better! I pay for what I owned/used!

Now here we start! To start this whole money making process!!

1. You need to obtain a VMI card (some kind of Credit Card) with certain fees… Well. Compare to your millions dollars businesses, it simply nothing_at_all!

2. After you have the card (most likely in 1-2weeks times), You must activate you VMI Bank Account online!

3. After activation! You are done! Now goes to your PayPal account and setup this within the Withdrawing Bank Account section! Remember PayPal charges processing fees for each transfer…~ Credits to HongKiat!

  • Bank Name: Southwest Bank
  • Account Type: Checking
  • Routing Number: 111900756
  • Account Number: (8) + (Last 9 digits of your card number)
  • Re-enter Account Number: (8) + (Last 9 digits of your card number)

    4. Start withdrawing PayPal funds to VMI Bank Account then wait for the transfer between PayPal and VMI Bank!  Always remember… when deal with banks. They always charge TRANSACTION FEES! VMI Bank is the same kind… below is the rate! Remember to include this charges if you want your customer to bare it! Credits to HongKiat again!!

    Transaction Charges

    • Funds Deposit 2.00
    • ATM Withdrawal – US 1.80
    • ATM Withdrawal – International 5.00
    • ATM Balance Inquiry/Denied Inquiry – US 0.50
    • ATM Balance Inquiry/Denied Inquiry – International 0.50
    • Card to Card Transfer 2.00
    • Card to Bank Account Transfer 2.00
    • Bank Account to Card Transfer 2.00
    • Monthly Account Service Fee 2.70
    • Card to Check 4.95

    5. I know… you will do this… SPAM CHECKING VMI Bank Account Balance Online for every minutes! By click refresh refresh and refresh. Haha! Ok… do it until you are satisfied… But it is not good for the Bank server because of the Internet Bandwidth Load…

    6. Once the payment arrive. DON’T wait any longer. Straight away goes to your nearest ATM machine and WITHDRAW everything inside the VMI Bank Account with the VMI Card! Trust me! There is no bank is 100% more trustable than your own hands / wallets 🙂 You know what I mean.

    7. Viola! You are DONE! Even though you cannot withdraw the PayPal fund like the Singaporean. But hell! with some works and some fees! We, Malaysian, able to withdraw money too. Now, all you need to do it to make something profitable and sell!

    8. Not to forget… if you find this useful or want to test the VMI card! Please, please press the PAYPAL Donate button with the most bottom left pane! Your contribution will helps you proves the VMI card is working. Haha! Thank you!


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