Douchebag Spotted

On January 13, 2007, in My work, by Kok mING

Story start with a external water proof cable piping installation…

Some months ago, we moved into our new premise for smaller space working environment. So you know… everything gotta be move including every network devices. Everything is fine except a external cable is exposed and make the outer side of the concrete wall look likes having a crack line (because the cable is thin and branches from 2 floor to roof-top…). My boss is unhappy with that so he asked the person-in-charge, QS Team (Ms. M and Mr. O), to “beautify” it!

After 2 months of arrangement, they booked a sky-lift to do the job at last! Then the sub-contractor comes happily and re-cabling that damn ugly thing… We chit-chatted some, laugh some, swore some, sacrastic some and etc… 1.5 hours later, the sub-contractor ask me to verify whether the cable is nice enough now! So I ring up to Ms. M for the verification… ok. She is a low level staff as she always think she is… so she cannot give any confirmation. Fine, I asked she to seek her immediate superior,Mr O, to comes over and see it.

You know… I know… they don’t know, the Mr. O refused to come for the final verification as he is the Post Contract Manager where he gotta process, approve, accept or deny any sub-contractor related issues. Its ok dude, I know everybody is busy with job, so I use very very nice and soft sentences to approach Mr. O to make a 2 minutes walk to our premise. After spending 10 minutes.  He finally cannot stand our long winded but soft-voices sentence! He comes… Now… Note here. It is only 2 minutes walk but he needs us to talk with him for 10 minutes for the “invitation” process. Corporate Culture! Ho!

He arrives and comments on the cabling. He is totally disappointed with it. He mention the piping is unable to fully cover the cable and it may creates stains to the wall in future due to exposure to the sun and rain! He commanded me to talk to the sub-contractor for extra painting and silicon pump to make the pipe looks nicer and solid. Ahem… ahem… for fuck sake the sub-contractor rejected my request before I am able to say the full sentences. Mr. O is besides me, the sub-contractor is 50 meters aways. So I suggest Mr. O and the sub-contractor to meet up each other and discuss a win-win solution.


Now, please stop reading if you do not want to see me to show my very good Mal-lish 18+ sentences…


Mr. O straight away says “I don’t want to talk to him, what for I talk to him?!”. WA KAN NIN NA BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, If you as a senior management is acting like an ass. Do you expect your whole team not to be an ass to the others? You expect ME as the I.T. One-Leg-Kick to paint the pipe for you? You expect the sub-contractor will agree on the out-of-scope requests? Of course, these comments are only appear in my mind. I have no guts to shout it out because I still need the damn job to feed myself! Corporate Culture! Ho!hO!

Mr. O says his second sentence “I don’t know you guys, you have to decide it and do it. The boss will not be happy on this”. Wa wa wa WA KAN KAN KAN KAN KAN NIN NA BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU again and again… Since you know the boss will be unhappy on this work why don’t you voice out your suggestion and help to improve it rather than pushing the burden away but take the compliment credit later? Corporate Culture! Ho!hO!HO!

I am glad the sub-contractor, Mr. L, is kind and helpful enough to walk that 50 meters distance and meet up with Mr. O. Then they have some pushing or “tai-chi” session for some minutes! I just walk aways and go make a immediate call to verified my responsibilities on this task, in order to keep myself safe and steady!

After the phone call, don’t know what they talk. They just agree to leave it as it is! MMMMMAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAIIIIIIII you wasted my anger  energy… at the end still come out with no solution on the things that you are disappointed. Fuck it! Why shall I care? You see a problem but you did not attempt to fix it. That’s the style of being a person like you. I really feel ashame… not being shame of im-complete tasks but attitude… totally zero % on responsibilities shown!

I wanted to write here not because of I need a anger management channel. It is just happened to be that I have no-one at home is interested to listen to this…

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