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On November 26, 2006, in General, by Kok mING

To: You know who you are… I am so guilty that I have not enough time to spend in this blog.

Always so little time too many tasks… what to do? Unlike you can help me…

You may wonder why I am busy…

First, my work. At my office, the war has commence, The DFSHDB (DumbFuckSoHaiDoucheBag) people started to bark at me already… This is my faith… my true destiny. Every year, at this point of time. The same department, the same level of people (you know who is she) will come and bark at me. But I tell you, this year, I am even more steady. I won’t take any challenge or even accept the “invitation” to fight even though I can easily win it! This time I gotta be quiet and let she slap her own fucking face and mouth by herself! Gotta defeat her without using my own hand!! Bitch! You forced me. I will gladly return the favor to you.  In order to keep myself in a steady position. I will have to put in extra effort to ensure I have no fuck up in anything I do before, now and future! I know its hard but I must buy myself the “bullet-proof” vest before she discover the “gun” to shoot me to hell… So the extra effort means… I have to spend more time to check millions lines of source-code… So… If I do not reply your msn message during office hours, you know that I am working harder than before!


Second, PC fair is coming… It is time for me to struggle again! Since 2 years ago… I have a wish. A single wish… to get a LCD monitor at home! So I can enjoy radiation-less computer display… You may wonder… what the fuck is so hard for kok ming to get a LCD?! haha… You know… I am able to get LCD at anytime, but to get a good deal. You gotta wait for PC fair. and when PC fair comes… it just has too many good deals and at the end… Will end up waiting for next PC fair because the Price will drop again or with the same price I can get better offer next time! or… I simply has too stingy-minded to be cruel to my wallet… It is sooooooo hard to dig out the money because…. each piece of it contains bloods and sweat… of course other’s people blood but my own sweat…  I have my target LCD model already. It is now to think about to go for 17″ or 19″, analogue or digital… 17″ and 19″ difference with RM200 at most… analogue and digital will be at the difference RM 400 at most (if you take Dell 19″ LCD pricing for example). It is sooooo hard to decide… when you really know what is good feature and the give and take of the pricing… Sometimes, I wish I just stupid enough and simply get a LCD for the sake of my desire… haha. But tooooo bad… I am quite a demanding people and I spend money for the thing that I find it is very worth it… Most of my friends also says my money is fucking hard to earn…


Third, I gotta start cleaning up the rubbish that piles on my tables… office and home… mainly CD/DVD, papers, cables, USB devices and other things that I cannot live without it… ahha. I definitely fail the house keeping but I am still ok that the other people in my office… their desk is always full with papers… until the keyboard also stucked by 231837213918379812731 paper clips…


Fourth, it is time for the next year planning… I have a habit which I like to plan for the next year when the year is ending soon… well. I won’t tell you what in my plan but I tell you… how many things I did not complete this year… First, to obtain MCSE 2003 (because I am a MCSE 2000)… I did not have time for it… no time to study for the upgrade exam… So I will definitely put this back into next year to-do list… OPPSsss , I should not tell you my planning :P… Second, to get better pay, perhaps a switch of environment if the current employer show no appreciation this year … I don’t need sentences like “the company needs you”, “You are valuable asset”, or “You are doing very good”. Those words always comes from H.R. department but ahha I need money! I need a salary raise… definitely gotta be up to the standard too. Since I didn’t get a good package this year, so I put my hope on next year… Third, failed to spend more time with family… I promise… I will spend more time with family… less time for work and dotA! You watch me, ok?


I think basically these will keep me busy for some days or weeks. So, my blog for day 2 and day 3 in Hong Kong will be delayed… but I will definitely put it up. No worry!

Remember to check my blog often too 😛 Even though I have no time to write time-consuming blog but I will still update this and share interesting moment of mine with you!

Last but not least. Gotta recommend the new album from Jordan Chan to you. It is not a bad album among the latest released album in the market. It is worth your time to listen it if you know who is he. 陳小春《斗》is the name of album 🙂 Don’t ask me to send you. I am soooooooooo soooooooooo support music industry! I won’t send any mp3 to you. har har har.

Peace out dude!


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