On November 15, 2006, in General | Ideas, by Kok mING

You still remember the little electronic chicken that living inside a key-chain size console?

How many chickens you own years ago? How many chickens you manage to sell ? I remember that’s the miracle for that Japanese woman… you know… with this legendary chicken, brought her millions of fortune.

I am actually thinking why nobody put this legendary chicken into a colour mode. More like a Java apps and able to run by most Mobile phone in this world. Of course, with years ago chicken tricks… nobody will spend time on it.

What if the chicken is now able to shout when you set the mobile phone alarm? chicken will keep shouting via ringtone or vibrate your mobile phone when it needs attention? More-ever, nowadays every online gaming love the wedding idea. You can put the chicken wedding… for both girl friend and boy friend to feed one with each other. Both chicken can synchronize via bluetooth in order to have dating, fighting/pk, quarrel or love making?(hahahah) Maybe group fighting, group dating or let the chicken to find your date… anything that the chicken will do 😀

Perhaps you can feed a super chicken and sell to other mobile phone owner so they can show off? That’s human …

The legendary chicken with Mobile network, Wifi, BlueTooth will spawn into another new life … Pheonix! That’s it! TamaPheonix! 😛 waahahahah 


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