My Euro-trip started in Stockholm city. Discard the work days, had extended two days – one night to stay in Stockholm to enjoy the city.

Right after my wife arrived, we head to meet a net friend of mine! Yes, you see it right. NET friend :hahaha:

I get to know her because of a Swedish friend… yes, another net friend. At that time, they were still together but not now. (that’s quite a disappointment because I did not get to meet the Swedish… anyway, there’s always chance!)

I met her once, like 5 years ago… She travel around Asia and when she stop at Malaysia, we (me and  my wife) picked her up for some bak kut teh and roti canai! Time flies… 5 years gone and it is my luck to meet her again in Stockholm! We had some chat about life and how’s things had changed… It was a great start for my trip!

We rented a small cabin inside a boathouse. It is really small… but enough for 2. It has sufficient spaces for you to have your dinner and a clean restaurant. Overall, it is not bad.



This is the view from the boat restaurant windows.


Our day definitely started with not too good weather… It is because the weather is not good… the sun was hidden behind the clouds and very windy.

The first stop for the day is the Royal Palace. The timing was perfect! We had the chance to witness the The Royal Guard exchange which is a old tradition of Sweden. It happens every sunday at 12:00 PM near the Royal Palace in Stockholm. (Hopefully I am correct :P) . A lot of visitors were queued up for the performance!



Herewith some photos of the guard exchange. Live performances presented as well. (I believe we shoot a movie of it… will dig it out and post it later 🙂 )



For the two days in Stockholm, we had walked through the old town (Gamla Stan) and also the city centre… Nothing notable but everything looks so new to us! :hahaha:

This is the landmark in front of my company office.


Some building and scenery shots… from various places such as on top of the bridge that connecting city centre with Gamla Stan, the city hall and etc…




Of course some night view…



To be honest, the weather is really cold which caused me really hesitated to move my hand out from pocket to take photo… (definitely not a reason for not producing high quality shots…) :xd:

I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I enjoy Stockholm!


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