As most of you know, I just got back after travelling around these 3 countries – Sweden, Italy and Netherlands.

I only able to cover Stockholm for Sweden and Amsterdam in Netherlands. Italy is my primary focus, been into Venice, Rome, Florence and Pisa.

Taken a lot of photo but before I start posting it. I would like to share this with you while it is still fresh in my memory…

It could be very useful if you are planning a Europe trip especially to the 3 countries that I visited.

These are my gains on the trip, of course, with some painful cost too.

Let’s start it now.

1. If you want cheap flight, go for Ryanair, but it is not cheap if you do not book with discounted price… You have to check it daily, it will change the price and you only book it when it reaches your price. Normally the flight can go as cheap as 10 Euros… It could save you hundred of Euros if you book 2-3 return flights.

2. Get a weekly pass on train or buses if you going to stay longer in a city. It will usually cheaper if you factor in the time you saved from walking. However, if you are hardcore backpacker who want to walk and has plenty of time to experience the atmosphere… then forget this. LoL.

3. Always plan your itinerary and book necessary accommodation and transportation in advance. It will save you a lot!

3. This is painful lesson… The City Terminal in Stockholm is not backpacker friendly. It close on 12AM and open on 3AM. If you have early buses or train… You better find a place to stay for the night, for example, go to the airport because it usually don’t close… If you really want to stay around the city, you can choose to spend your midnight in the Mc Donald nearby the terminal. It is 24/7…

4. When you are at Venice… No need to spend 2 euro to buy the map… It is a maze. Just follow the crowd… You should be able to reach the tourist spot… How you can get back to your hostel… That is up to your memory 😛

5.  In Italy, street food are cheap! Home cook cheapest! Restaurant are evil. :hahaha:

6. If you travelling around Italy by inter-city train. Be sure you reach the terminal an hour earlier than the schedule because some terminals are really huge, it will take some times to walk to your train…

7. English does not work for Italy. Prepare for the worst!

8. Mc Donald offer the cheapest fast food (burgers)! 1 euro 1 burger.

9. Train in Netherlands has different type namely, intercity, sneltrein and sprinter… I could be wrong but this is a hard-learnt experience where all the sign board are not written in English…

Intercity – Stop every city (Note: not every station or terminal but only those marked “IC”)
Sneltrein – Slight more stopping point (Note: only stop at terminal with those marked “IC” and “S”)
Sprinter – Stop every station / terminal.

10. Most toilet costs money… some are free on major tourist spots. If paying for pee is not cost-effective for you. You can either find a tree to cover up or always empty it when you sees free toilet. :xd:

11. Generally, the people in hostel are very approachable. Spend time to introduce yourself and talk to them. Perhaps you can add a few more friends to your FB :hahaha:

I have more to write but this is getting very lengthy. If you are about to go to these countries. Drop me a mail or leave me a message, I will be gladly to share my itinerary with you. 🙂

Last but not least, I am kind of surprise because I met 2 foreigners that speak Mandarin with me… First is an Swedish old lady in Stockholm, and a handsome father from United States who I met in Ventican.

Hope you find this useful!

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