Study or Learn?

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Have you ever stumped at a point where you ask yourself “To further study or not”? I believe most people did. Yes, including me. 

First of all, for what makes you think about this question? You should ask yourself, what is your ultimate goal or aim for further study.

Some people will answer for money, higher working position, better future, qualifications, knowledge and “they don’t know”.

Ok. Real story…

A few of my junior colleagues asked me this question before. They seek my advice on whether or not to further study like taking a few technology certificates, acquire the Master degree or some other money-sucking courses.

My answer to them is “Yes, go ahead if you are aiming for the knowledge. But please think twice if you are going after other aims.”

It is very simple question but people just do not know about themselves. Let me say something realistic to you.


Study for better salary package – Idiot! Have you ever see a company promote or increase your pay due to the study that fund by yourself? Hell No. I have not found any company is rewarding like that. If you do, by all means, please tell me only! LoL.

Study for higher job title/position –  Ok. I do agree that if you are a fresh graduates or someone don’t have a degree. A degree seems like the lowest qualification for the entry level job in the global market now. If you don’t have one, you are losing a great advantage no matter how many years of experience you have. However, the story may turn-around if you are looking for a senior position. When it comes to senior, it means experiences, to be precise that is practical experiences, this is something that do not show inside your certificate… I does not mean only old folks can sit on top of the organization chart but practical experiences is the keyword here.

Study for better future – Well, you tell me what future you want? How to classify a better future? Most important, are you sure that little piece of paper can guarantee you a better future? No way. Get real! Don’t dream!!

Study for qualification – Yeah, qualifications do give you certain among of respect and recognition. But please be sure that you are going for a right qualification rather than end up being another MCP (Microsoft Certified Payer) or other terms that you know…

Study for knowledge – YES! Please do! If the knowledge is what you wanted to acquire, please go for it. I encourage you to study for the sake of knowledge.


You can find an interesting article here.


Personally, I don’t feel like study anymore. I am not saying that I refused to study for more knowledge. But I do have another point of view where I choose to “learn”. So what’s the different between study and learn? Yes. I see the difference but I doubt you can define it. I am learning everyday but I am not studying anymore…

I found that the Malaysia education style is totally incorrect! They teach you how to study like a student but they failed to guide you on how to learn… That is why you see most people never learn! Yeah, it is not entirely your fault but you have the responsibilities to correct it. So you won’t be another pig! Same story goes to some 1st class degree graduates unable to perform well at work simply because not all of the solutions can be found in text books or Google. We need to learn then apply it into what we are doing.

Often, people shouting they have no chance to learn for example the lecturer sucks, the computer(study material) too lousy, the employer not giving chances, work too busy and etc. Folks, please stop giving yourself any reason for not learning well. Please open up your eyes, your ears and your mind. To learn, you must open the path by yourself! You can’t wait for something to clear your front path and lead you all the way!! You must make the first move before hoping for others help.

Seriously, I don’t really know how many people will understand the points of this blog but I do hope that I manage to open up a few brilliant minds. I hopes!


Happy learning~

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