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For ages, from single cell to monkey, monkey to human. Human claims the most civilized creatures spot in the world chart.

Do you really think so? Do you trust that the other creatures live besides us has no objection to this? Being the largest population species in the world. We are definitely dominating this earth. Although we are huge in quantity but our mind seems to be constrained by limited nature of life. That’s what form our mindset which is limited by the world’s logic!

Some days ago, David talked about his ex-colleague_closed buddy bad things… Yeah! What we usually talk? That’s other people bad’s stuff. We enjoy laughing at people’s miserable days very much 😀

Story started with his buddy’s subordinate has a Mr. Impossible where he tends to make everything impossible… Even simple or silly thing is still impossible before trying it out! :hit1:

You see? Human mindset is really a matter to this issue that needed to be addressed. I would not say that “If you think you can, you can!” but at least you have to “Try your best before saying can not”. That’s reasonable, right?

How the hell you know that is impossible by “looking/thinking” only? 500 years ago, human never dare to dream about flying on the sky! Now? Everyone can fly with cheap price, furthermore we are going to the outer space too! It is clear that “Dreams are possible but human make it impossible”! Besides Mr. Impossible’s mindset, he has influenced the others to be part of the impossible team too. That’s the havoc! If you can’t do it, please do not stop other people trying it out! Ohhh gosh! I wish David’s ex-colleague_closed buddy can really do something to excel himself. :namor:

Another interesting story comes up when I met my friend yesterday. My friend is a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of a Mesdaq listed company. He shares his stories with me and we have a good laugh during our drinking session. 

I skip the details because it is same old shit that the Project Manager stay too long inside his comfort-zone and refuse to take any new challenges. That project manager is living at his own utopia. We know that we are not heading that way. We are definitely exploring more unknown zone for the sake of keep growing! 

For myself, I came from an environment where everything is a failure before you successfully completed it. Everything included ahead schedule tasks, cost-effective resources management and etc. Before you set the flag of success, everything is failure. You are liable for everything! No discount! Performance is everything but favoritism excluded all! That’s China-Man style. Pay you 100% of salary but need you to show 200% of performance and 300% of responsibilities! So I trained to be positive, calm and reasonable… because I went through all those ridiculous situations until I finally realize the world is never fair but MINDSET equalized everything. :glass:


Last word from Kok mING. You do not need to have a very brilliant thinking but you must have a positive mindset to always stay competent!

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