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Is this person a job hopper?

This seems to be a common question where people start looking into a resume which written with a lot of working experiences and companies he/she worked for.

Should or shouldn’t hire such person?

I had this discussion with my wife during one of the after work journey. She is a recruiter and she has her point of view of job hopper. Not to deny that job hopper has a bad reputation in general perspective. But why it is bad? I think the answer is easy to tell, if you are a hiring manager who looking for loyal yet committed employees, you would stay away from people who often change their job.

In my opinion, I used to think that all job hoppers are bad. But after some thoughts, I have different point of view. In this highly dynamic job market, companies are looking for capable people. Capable people mean the one(s) that can do the work but not sit permanently in his/her position watching other people do their work. It is not surprise that a capable person may keep changing job in order to do what he do best for the sake of best career path.

When you are gaining more knowledge and think you could have done better in other places, then you start looking for job. Are you a job hopper?

If you are getting bored with what you are doing and would like to try something new in other company. Then you start looking for a job. Are you a job hopper?

Generally, it is very vague to debate on the definition of job hopper.

Every market are form based on supply and demand. The job market is no exception of the golden rule. If you are capable, and you can get 6 jobs in 3 years. I would have say you are a very talented person in job searching instead of job hopper.

The hiring process does not initiate and end by the job seeker. An employee are always a job seeker, he/she can always change job. For mutual benefits, the company shall always prevent this event to happen. It is because there is always a cost/effort to replace a trained personnel if he/she quit the job. Instead of training a new person, why not try to discuss with the person how to work out a solution that benefit both parties.

In case, the employee always wants to try new environment with no reason or endless desire on salary and perks which makes themselves to keep switching job. Then I would say this kind of people has least demand in the market. But can he / she be categorized as a job hopper?

Do we still need to discuss who is job hopper and actual market definition of it? 🙂

Generally, if you are an employee as long as you get what you want and do what you do best. If you are the hiring manager and you hire highly capable person to do the job and able to retain this person. Do not feel bad if you change job or unable to retain any person from leaving, it is because there are many things are beyond our control.

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