Amsterdam – Netherlands 2010

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Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands with impressive architecture and lovely canals that live within the city. We stopped there for 2 days for Tulips, Windmill and of course to experience the night life of Amsterdam too! Also, this is our last destination in Europe for this trip…

Our first stop in Amsterdam is Keukenhof, the Tulips garden! Beautiful flowers and places! The most colourful place that I visited during my trip. Awesome garden and I believe in Malaysia, I could not find a place like this! A must visit if you are in Amsterdam.




The next day, we went to search for windmills! That’s also one of my objective to extend my trip in Amsterdam… But I am kind of disappointed when I saw only 4 “live” windmills … and the weather is definitely is challenging my photoshooting skill too… 🙁



One important thing, I must tell you. If you plan to take train to travel within Netherlands, you better know the different type of trains because some are not meant to stop every station… Also not everything is written with the English that we learned…

Within my blogpost, I keep telling to you that I am stay on boathouse but I have not show you any photo of the boat… Herewith the photo.

Not a very big boat but can house around 50-70 people. Friendly host and breakfast provided!


Although I have nothing much to comment about Amsterdam but this is the place that I would like to re-visit if times permit.

Hopefully, I will have enough saving to go Europe again because I still have a lot of places haven’t leave my footprint. Honestly, the trip spent me a lot of money but the experience I gained definitely worth the price!

Here comes to the end of my trip. I full you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy it.

Full album picture is here.


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