Florence – Italy 2010

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Florence is my last stop in Italy.

Unlike Rome, this is a peaceful yet quiet town which fill with heavy scent of art… Almost every corner, you can find the trail of art.

The Duomo is the symbol of Florence. Beside that, you can find a lot of museums and art gallery in Florence! Honestly, I do not enjoy art very much although I am so called an amateur photographer… The art do not seems so interesting to me, apologies to all readers who worship arts…

Having said that, the attraction that I am interested is the world renown – one is the seven wonders, the Leaning Tower!



After seeing it, I am depressed because I thought the tower is really close to the ground unlike the “over-whelming” news saying it could collapse in any seconds… Going up to the tower, it cost you money which is not a small bucks for the poor backpackers like us …


It is over-rated and I find the coliseum is far more interesting then this. At least the historical values worth the price…

As you can see in the photo… the weather were not good at all. During my entire Italy trip, the dark cloud followed me to every spot that I visit… The rain is my guardian who protected (stopped) me to do dangerous photoshooting stunt. But the weather did not give me another reason to visit Italy again…

Back to the story, Florence is not as busy as Rome but a lot of tourist! Also stalls that sell –genuine- products! A lot of serious buyers but not me! 🙂


Herewith some photos which I taken during with -good sky- . I liked the river view although the water looks dirty but it doesn’t smell! 😛




Another thing which I am puzzled… Why they have to do naked statues… I know this is art but can someone give me an answer? I wish I know how to enjoy the art too…



The only thing that really satisfied me was the tea-break in Mc Cafe. What is the best thing to do during rainy days?

That is to enjoy a cup of hot coffee, cup cake, and cheese cake with my love one. Although not everything went well during the Italy trip but this is the moment that I truly enjoyed, although not spending big bucks but I’ve got the satisfaction of being there! 🙂



Until the next post, I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy my Italy trip!

Happy viewing!     


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