Timing and decision

On March 13, 2010, in English, General, My work, by Kok mING

Timing is the top most critical factor for success. In Chinese, we have a phrase “天时,地利,人和” which can be translated to perfect timing, strategic location, established human relationship.

At times, we have to make difficult decision along the journey of life. You could have the best decision making skill but still fail.

The chances of making decision will grow as you gain age. Decision can be tough when there are too much to consider.

No one can tell the perfect timing to make and implement important decision. Simply because, you would not know what happen after your decision. If it turns out good, then you are in good timing or vice versa…

3 months ago, I decided resign and change my career back to a software developer. Yes, from a Professional Services manager to software developer in a newly start up offshore development centre.

A lot was yelling I am crazy or some even say this is a very bad move. That is a big NO NO to trade off your talent / capability for the sake of money (higher pay). Yes, I know it is very risky backward move… but this doesn’t mean I will lost all knowledge and experiences. I am taking a step back to regain my direction and forward planning.

Now, people start praising me… and say that the timing for me to leave is just perfect.

You know why? It is because the company had shut down and some got retrenched too. So, this incident had changed people’s view on my decision.

I am not the oracle, I don’t know what will happen. During that time, my decision is driven by my financial needs and I trade off my career. Anyway, I don’t feel lucky or happy because I am escaped. I feel sad since the shut down had caused some people lost their job.

I want to share with you, no one can tell you the perfect timing for everything. If you believe it is right time to do it, then just do it without regret. Simple as that!

Do the right thing, as long as you are happy then you’ll be alright. Good luck!


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