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I can remember on my second day with Datacom, they brought the team including me to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. That time was because of the arrival of the bosses from Australia. (I am lucky to join for free food!)

Two years later, my last week with the company. The team brought me to Italiannies at 1 Utama for a farewell lunch! (Started with pizza and pasta, lastly end up with these food too :hahaha: )

We had the restaurant to prepare the food for around 20person and free flow of selected drinks. 🙂

The restaurant is comfortable and the service was OK too.



This is the breadstick, quite salty if I am not mistaken.  Also, it serves bread before the meal.



This salad isn’t that tasty but it was at least a healthy food for the hunger. heh heh heh.


Although it was almost 2 months ago, but I can still remember the salmon pizza taste real good! Simple and delicious! Try it if you happen to be there.


The remaining dishes were the chicken and pasta, both taste not as good as the pizza. 



Overall, if you are a pizza lover, then give it a try. 

Otherwise, save your money for better food. :xd:


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