Today, 28-Jun-2009. I had a great lunch with my love one. We went to Xenri D’ Garden Terrace for Japanese food.

By stepping into the restaurant, I feel Japanese! Yes. Japanese! See the terrace and the interior of this restaurant, I bet you will feel the same. :xd:

This restaurant is not very spacious, compare to others, it is a rather small since it don’t have many seats too. I find this is very good…

You do not need to wait for a long long queue to get your food. The number of waiters/waitress are more than the customers. :hahaha:

Very good service, polite and tidy! :goodjob:




This restaurant serves Japanese food. We went there for buffet lunch! 5 sections describe all food which are appetizer, cooked Japanese food, sashimi /sushi and shabu-shabu, beverages and desserts!

Not much variety but I liked this. It do not have much distractions! I can focus to eat whatever I love to without the urge to tryout something new. :shy:


Here, you don’t need to have a VIP card to make your order. It has 20 dishes that you can order for free and unlimited quantity! It serves with the portion which is really for one person only.


This cuttlefish ring and tempura are the menu orders. It serves hot and fresh! Especially the tempura, not oily and it is crispy outside but soft inside, unlike the others which are full with flour. These are just nice!



Fresh sashimi and sushi are very tasty! I ate not much because my stomach filled by other food. :hahaha:



These are the food which filled up my stomach… Cheese baked oyster and unagi!! Since it has not much choices of food, I focus on these two. LoL.

See the oyster size, it is just nice. It serve without strange/weird taste unlike the others palm-size oyster. It is definitely worth to try it out!



This is the Japanese style cuttlefish and the lobster salad. When there are less people, you get all the chances to pick lobster meat~~ :hahaha:


Conclusion, this is a very nice restaurant for Japanese food. Although I never been to Japan, but this is a restaurant impress me with Japanese food! :goodjob:

Pricing wise, it did comes with a good price tag, RM55/person. We got 20% discount, so the bill end up lesser. :shy2:


Here is the map! You must try this out!


P/S: Photos taken with my IXUS 75…

P/S2: No chinese version for this… it is kinda late now… forgive me 😛


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