Some weeks ago (around September 2008), my team went for team lunch again. Yay! Company paid lunch with our choice of food. :hahaha:

First step into the cafe, makes me feel weird. At the moment, I can’t figure out why it is weird. After some minutes, shuttering around, found out that the cafe is full with FEMALE. LoL. Only our table has some handsome men… :shy: 

The environment is not bad. It is comfortable and tidy.




Food ordering time! To be real honest to you, my English sucks big time, I hate menu without photos! :faint:

Always, I cannot understand what the dishes are except the common ingredient names like Lamb, Cheese, Mushroom, Beef, Eggs and etcetera.

I worried on the serving size… I used to dine in some restaurant so I know a few western dishes will come with reasonable size. But this… looks into the menu, got a lot of choices for example sandwiches, pastas, soup, rice and etc. Well, all looks so “small” to me! :he:

Finally, asked a buddy what is Lamb Shank, his answer is “Sure big enough to stuff you well!” :yes:

Without a second thought, I ordered Moroccan Lamb Shank with Tomato rice :xd:

Look!! It serves with huge bone ~~~ LoL. Worth the spending!


Some other orders were the Salmon rice, Beef Pasta and Salmon Pasta. We had 2 pieces of cake for desserts. (I could not remember the food names because the receipt was submitted for claim :shy: )





Overall, all dishes serve in a reasonable size for female or small eater :sigh:

The taste was not bad at all. Very healthy cooking with less oil, little salt and almost no extra “ajinomoto”. This is slow food too!

Give it a try if you do not aim for value for money :hahaha:


5 points is max

Food:4 points

Environment:3.5 points

Service:3 points

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