End of Year 2007

On December 31, 2007, in English, Site, Site | Announcement, by Kok mING

Yo! It seems that this time has come. It is the end of year 2007.

This year is totally out of my expectation. I mean career wise. From a company director turn into a hikikomori. Finally got a job as a Team Leader. Although this is not a highest title but it gives me some satisfaction which I have the chance to deal with world-class player in IT sector namely the H.P. and Microsoft. It is definitely recovering… I am regaining the lost land too. Seriously, it will take some times for me to get myself back on track.

Other than that, the trip to Bali is really unforgettable. A very nice and memorable trip!

This blog has gained 10 times of visitors grow. From the starting of 90 visits / month. It turn up 900 – 1200 visits /month. Simply amazing. Give yourself a clap for checking this blog often although it has nothing impressive to read on… :shy:

Looking backwards, I did a few silly mistakes but a lot of wise choices. Regardless how good or bad the impact, I am still struggling. Staying alive to kick more asses!

You know what?! The last “kiasu” thing I did in year 2007 is go to the petrol station to pump my oil-tank to max! Yes! MAX! Some said petrol price will raise for 40cents, some said 50 cents, one said RM1.00… So… I joined the kiasu army and queue for full tank petrol which is 13 liters.

How I walk-through year 2007 to year 2008? Staying at home, doing office reports and coding… I am the most hardworking people! Please praise me!! :xd:

Nothing much to bore you again. If you have any interesting story, please post here or a link to your blog! I want to read that 🙂


Happy New Year, My friends!


2 Responses to End of Year 2007

  1. sonia says:

    yeah~~i think so that u are the most hardworking peolpe!
    u know i praised you novel pretty highly.
    u are hardworking~ ~~helpful~~~clever~smart~kind ~
    always so polite to people and more…….
    so much praise~~enough?

  2. Kok mING says:

    haha. Thank you thank you.

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