2007年12月13日,星期四,客户中心的经理带了我和我的组员到了Pavilion Kuala Lumpur的勘八(KAMPACHI)吃午餐。你一定是在“哇~~~ 午餐就去吃高级的日本料理?!”。呵呵。他会请我们吃是因为我们替他解决了好几个难题。。。还有就是我为了完成任务,周末也在工作,甚至还要通宵的赶工。。。 真的是“找吃艰难”!

一踏入Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,在眼前的就是豪华的圣诞灯饰。尽显了时尚和不凡的风范。


2007, December 13th, Thursday, the contact center manager brought me and my team member to Kampachi at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur for a lunch. You must must screaming “Wah~~~ Eat high class Japanese food for lunch?!” Heh Heh. He bought us the lunch because we managed to settle his troubles with our dedication… Not to forget that, in order to accomplish the mission, I had to work on weekends, stay overnight in office for deadlines… this lunch really contains “blood” and “sweat”!

Once we entered Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, in front of us, it is a Huge Christmas tree lightning decoration! This has fully demonstrated trendy yet outstanding faces of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur!



勘八(KAMPACHI),是位于六楼的一家高级的日本料理餐厅。里面的装潢真的很不错。说真的。。。我还是第一次到这么高级的餐厅吃午餐。 :shy:

KAMPACHI is a high class Japanese restaurant located at sixth floor. The interior design and decoration is really not bad. To be frank, this is my first visit to such high class restaurant for lunch. :shy:




这里的食物真的是好有“价值”啊!一杯绿茶要RM12。。。 虽然是任饮,但是真的是价值不菲就是了。

The food serves here is really has a “value”! A cup of green-tea cost RM12… Although it is bottom-less but this is still a “valuable” drink.




Come, my friend! Let’s talk about the food. Unagi sushi, taste good. Compare to those chained sushi outlets, this is definitely better!



We ordered a few bento. The one showing below is the quite expensive bento cost RM58. (I forgot the name…)


这个就是我点的东京便当 (Tokyo Bento) – RM38。但看卖相就觉得这是高价食物。有看到那些色彩鲜艳的刺身(SASHIMI)吗?高价食物真的就是比较好!入口即化,咀嚼起来完全不像其他的生鱼片,完全没有那种很“生”的味道,相反地是得到了满足的口感!整体来说,我还是觉得价格比食物的味道来的高。。。

This is the bento that I had. Tokyo Bento is the name. It cost RM38, from the appreance, you can see this is a high class type of food. Have you notice the Sashimi in wonderful colors? It is very nice, it melts directly without chewing! Unlike the others, this sashimi does not has any “raw” taste yet it gives your mouth a high satisfaction for eating that! Overall, I still think tat that food is costly…




接下来的这个便当是本人觉得很值得吃的。有SOBA,饭和鳗鱼。味道我就不知道了。。。 我没有吃这个嘛。。。:cry:

Next, this is the bento that I feel very worth to try. It has SOBA, RICE and UNAGI. I am not sure about the taste… because I did not order this… 😥



鳗鱼便当。。。看起来不错但是我觉得应该吃了也不会有饱的感觉。份量好少啊。 :sweat:

UNAGI bento… this looks good but I believe if I ate this, I won’t feel full. The serving portion is too litle. :sweat:




The desserts is Green-Tea Ice Cream. Nothing special, no surprise… :happysigh:


临走前,有人站在圣诞树上唱歌哦!立刻的拍下来留念。一年一次嘛。 哈哈!:hahaha:

Before we head back to office, got people singing on the Christmas tree! Without a second thought, I took these photos. Once a year chance. Haha! :hahaha:




In conclusion, KAMPACHI’s surroundings and food are really better than the others, but with this price, I don’t think I will fork out my own money to visit it again :xd:



9 Responses to 勘八(KAMPACHI) @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

  1. shelly says:

    SO expensive, lucky u to get treated there.
    That Xmas tree is very special..I didnt know people can really go up there. Didnt know there are spaces within those spirals..haha..thanks to yur pics!


  2. aLExpikachU says:


    我下次就去吃 XD

  3. Kok mING says:

    Yes. Expensive it is. heh heh, really got lucky for free lunch. 😀


  4. shelly says:

    haha, yealor..i also want to be THAT lucky..lols


  5. Kok mING says:

    Before you have the LUCK… you have to work really hard and some pray so the lucky godness will notice you 😛

    Well, work with mat-salleh is good because they are generous and keen to their promise.

  6. sonia says:


  7. Kok mING says:

    有钱都不是这么来吃的。。。 😛

  8. SONIA says:


  9. Kok mING says:

    哈哈。 明白啦。

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