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On December 5, 2007, in English, General, General | Awareness, Jokes, by Kok mING

I laugh while reading this funny+enjoyable+not_too_surprise news. After a laugh, I start to become sad. It is because this BOLEH-land has once again drop my intelligence level as a Malaysian. I am PWN to be a Malaysian…

Let’s see how effective on stopping piracy by “jailing” Internet users who is doing “illegal” download.

First, how to define “illegal” download? Who can judge it? For years, I still have not see any BSA officer goes into a home user for anti-piracy action.

Second, are you (the government) going to send an army to arrest somebody who is really committed the above crime? RM 250K is not cheap! Up to 10 years jail is consider a very serious offense too. As compare to a armed robbery will only get 5 years jail/case if caught, so 10 years is some what serious. You know… You better robbed for money rather than downloads. It is because you still have to pay to the ISP for connection!

Third, do you have the JAIL spaces for the Internet surfer population? I seriously doubt that. I definitely not going to pay and will not admit I downloaded anything… So, you better take away my computer. I can spend another few thousands to get a new one shortly.

Let me share it with you. Malaysia is not the first country started this joke. So far, I have not see any country that had succeeded in catching this type of “criminal”.

But please listen to me. After the publication of this lousy news/warning. I believe some evil minded fellow will start inter-personate the government officer identity and run into your house for a “check” then ask for the coffee-money!

You do not need to tell me whether or not you have any illegal downloads. I am very sure that everybody has some! However, it is not a crime… you know? I am not sure whether or not that I am correct. As long as you are not using the downloaded material for commercial use or make any profit from it. You are safe… or at least they can’t put all the blame to you.

Last but not least, IF they can track down the user… Why TMNET don’t ban the selected users account but apply throttling technique? Something fishy here… Think again, if the country is really good and the mentality is real high. I don’t think piracy is a problem or CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!


Happy downloading!


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