Unemploy for 1 month

On June 6, 2007, in General, Life style, My work, by Kok mING

Let’s talk about my unemployment because most people raised their concern on it. It seems I am making you guys or girls worried enough…

It is 1 full month of unemployment period for me. What I did for the previous month? Wasting my time endlessly? Not looking for job? Being a lazy-ass? Too demanding in job searching…

Haha… well. The situation is getting heated up. I know many of you are very worry about me and really concern on my financial status. Yes. I am running into a financial trouble … but who never had a financial trouble? Employ and Unemploy makes no differences… we are still in financial trouble. Haha. Correct?

I keep saying Unemploy instead of Jobless… You know why? Unemploy is meaning I am actively looking for jobs and waiting to be employed by someone… Jobless means I have no job to do. Another interesting interpretation of Jobless is… You can be employed but without a job to do (perhaps you are so competent to finish everything ahead the schedule!). That is jobless too 😀 Haha. Thanks to Khang inspiring me to this funny scenario.  So… Please be informed that Kok mING is Unemploy instead of Jobless… It will definitely lower your worries. Hehe.

Why I said the situation is getting heated up? Haha. Because I keep receiving greeting from friends, peers, strangers and etc with the opening sentence “Hey, have you get a job yet?”. “Still jobless ah?”. Haha. Please stop killing me 😛 .

The above sentences still friendly enough… Check the sentences below for more aggressive sentences 🙁

xxx: Shit. You are still JOBLESS! What the hell you doing now? Go LOOK for job!!
yyy: You lazy mofo, stop chatting and read something! Do something to save your poor life!
zzz: Why you are so free to chat? You should be looking for job! Since when you change to be like this? Where is the Kok mING?
aaa: How many times I have to tell you to be NOT choosy about jobs? Do you understand that you need a job now?
bbb: Kok mING, why you want to be manager? Why you cannot choose a lower rank job? Position means more than your life now? Why you so stubborn?
ccc: Have you visited xyz, tyv, cde job agency or not? If yes. They have a lot of openings! Why you still cannot get a job? Stop being choosy! Its all your fault for not getting a job!!

Dudes, from the bottom of my heart, I prefer you to move your fat ass to http://blog.kokming.com and click the MOST APPRECIATE button called PayPal Donate! Ok?

Haha. Ok ok… actually they never sound as aggressive as I type but to have more dramatic impact on your reading. I must make it more “commercial”! Don’t learn from me, its bad for health!!

Let me clear some of your doubts. First, I am actively looking for jobs, I apply for many jobs but no response from the employer. Sad huh?

Second, I am chatting with you because you are as free as me else you won’t reply me, right!? You mofo stop accussing me not putting any effort in job searching… ok? 😛

Third, this is very important. As everyone knows. I am aiming for the managerial position in some big and well-known organizations. Simply because my career path leads me here. Here! This point! No turning back! My life, my burden, my debt and my career demands… all pushing me to move forwards instead of falling backwards. If I become a programmer or technical support, I will definitely be a very EXPENSIVE employee where not much of companies able to “feed” me… So I choose to be a CHEAP manager… At least, I can do anything for the employer who hired me and he/she might felt worth it because he/she getting a CHEAP manager(one-leg-kick) instead of an EXPENSIVE programmer or technical support. Do you get it now?

Now, definitely you are thinking this. Why can’t you lower your salary expectation? Haha. Hell no! Definitely a big NO NO, to lower the expected salary. Say is very easy… considering I have my debts and burden. There is no room for discount. No more, simple as that!

If you are still reading until here. Thank you for reading and please change your clothes and get ready! I am going to your house and buy you a dinner. Let’s go!! But… before the dinner, I have to withdraw money from the bank, because I am running low on cash in my wallet. If possible can you please go to the nearest bank of yours and withdraw some for paying the dinner because my bank is having too little fund too…

Haha. Last but not least, let me say thank you to my friends who introduce me some job agencies, help me to search job, email me about job opening, spending time to help me pass my boring time and the meals that you bought to me(you know who you are). Thank you very much!

Opps not to forget, I am really appreciate my lovely family for supporting my decision of being a lazy ass just because I want to “move” forwards.


2 Responses to Unemploy for 1 month

  1. Sandy says:

    Good morning, brother.

    Wish you well in your job hunting. I am very sure that you will find 1 that you desired! Take good care there and keep in touch *wink*

  2. Kok mING says:

    Thanks! I am working hard on it 😀

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