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On March 7, 2007, in Site, Site | Announcement, by Kok mING

I changed the colour theme back to blue.

I have put in my photo too


Haha. Don’t vomit oh….


Ladies and gentlement, I am back from Sungai Besar. A very tiring + boring + last trip to Sungai Besar!

I am done with it. No more travel to site and doing something silly (at least in my point of view).


I know I know. Many of you asking me whether or not I have seafood lunch for this time.

The answer is Yes…. No…

Yes. I have seafood lunch. A plate of seafood noodles, taufu and fish! No, I don’t have crab this time too 🙁

What to do? Crab is not a Seafood for me but a Seefood… Yes, I am seeing other “guests” in my trip eating it. yummy yummy!

Not a big deal my friends. I can buy myself and yours seafood breakfast, lunch and dinner anytime. I am not really interested to eat crab as well. I am just thinking that by spending company money and working madly over there, I should eat something nice which we seldom eat in town.

You see… Boss was there. He knows I am leaving, he also never get me a nice lunch as a token for the hardword that I spent and time that I sacrificed for HIS events.

What-ever it is 😀 It will soon to be a good and unforgettable memory for me. At least the last company paid lunch over there, I ate until my stomach full. I am thankful to them (my team mate) for giving me a nice lunch (farewell). That’s a good team of people, very nice people they are. I salute them for lasting in this company for so long time 🙂

I am happy because it is nice to know them! They know who they are. Let’s hope Boss won’t forget them if he hitted the JACKPOT for this project.


Yo! Yo! Yo!

To all the photo-shooting addicts or professional camera-man/boy/girl/lady/woman!!

Now is your chance to win some hard cold cash! No lie no joke and NO JOY-SHOOTER please. Haha

If you trust your photo-shooting skill is above the par or even reach the top of the professional level. You are welcome to register yourself! Even though you are an amateur shooter with professional camera or a professional shooter with amateur skill, you can participate!

That’s it. First prize is RM7,000!!! We can forget about the cert! The cash is enough to get you a nice Europe trip! 2nd prize is RM5,000!! Holy shit! This can pay a nice trip to Hokkaido for some real fun! 3rd Prize is RM3,000. Ohhhhh… this is like unbelievable! They are not willing to pay higher wages but willing to give the prize at this rate! Dude, chances are here! Once in a lifetime! You don’t need to have nice appearance, don’t need to show any profile, don’t need to know how to entertain, don’t need to know how to beg and most important, you may be THE_ONE participant only…  you know what I mean oh, right? My dear smart readers!

You know… if you cannot get into Top 3, you still can be the Consolation prize winner which will be awarded RM500! Furthermore, this is FREE REGISTRATION competition!!! WHAT THE FAWK! It really smell like a FREE LUNCH! I can’t believe it! I simply cannot believe what I am seeing right now! It is so fucking fake!

Trust me!  I am risking my career by disclosing this issue to you! I never worry because my record with this company is never bright! I don’t mind to have another record to sharpen my profile 😀

More details refer to

Although it is only a static banner there… but it is EXPENSIVE… 

Editted: Full website is up now! Go check for more details on Globe Savior if you want to know what is it.

Why people can earn money so easy but I can’t? Why this world is soooooo unfair? Tell me why~~~~~~


Yay! This is a very peaceful day 🙂

Everything goes smoothly, boss didn’t throw in barbarian request. Purchasing did not moan for more XXXX.

It seems everything is quite ok even without 2 people in the MIS now. It is ok! We are getting in more people 😀

After a half month holiday break, I feel RE-fresh! I feel good and enegytic (even though I am sleepless last night).

At the moment, this starting point again!

I just need to clear my mind, focus on the aim and do it with full strenght.

Yes. I feel released because I do not need to care about any bad comment from others anymore! I do not need to worry that these bad comments will spoil my increment or next year bonus!! I simply feel so free to do things! No burden!! I believe I can fly too!!! I am back to someone that I used to be.

Anyway, burden/pressure is always something to push you moving forward so you can improve yourself in order to get over it. A long lasting pressure/burden may cause your mental damage IF you don’t know where to leave it! Yes. I mean LEAVE it behind but not to give up. You gotta move forward by ignoring those obstacles and only come back to it when you have the solution for it.

That’s all for now. I gotta take a nap now… (sleepy…)

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