Ladies and gentlement, I am back from Sungai Besar. A very tiring + boring + last trip to Sungai Besar!

I am done with it. No more travel to site and doing something silly (at least in my point of view).


I know I know. Many of you asking me whether or not I have seafood lunch for this time.

The answer is Yes…. No…

Yes. I have seafood lunch. A plate of seafood noodles, taufu and fish! No, I don’t have crab this time too 🙁

What to do? Crab is not a Seafood for me but a Seefood… Yes, I am seeing other “guests” in my trip eating it. yummy yummy!

Not a big deal my friends. I can buy myself and yours seafood breakfast, lunch and dinner anytime. I am not really interested to eat crab as well. I am just thinking that by spending company money and working madly over there, I should eat something nice which we seldom eat in town.

You see… Boss was there. He knows I am leaving, he also never get me a nice lunch as a token for the hardword that I spent and time that I sacrificed for HIS events.

What-ever it is 😀 It will soon to be a good and unforgettable memory for me. At least the last company paid lunch over there, I ate until my stomach full. I am thankful to them (my team mate) for giving me a nice lunch (farewell). That’s a good team of people, very nice people they are. I salute them for lasting in this company for so long time 🙂

I am happy because it is nice to know them! They know who they are. Let’s hope Boss won’t forget them if he hitted the JACKPOT for this project.


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